How long does SEO take?


Difficult to estimate a duration, because each site is different

It’s a question that comes up from everyone finally, whether you do your SEO yourself, whether you call on a SEO service provider, that’s really the question that comes up. How long will it take for you to be referenced in the first position on your favorite keyword? And the answer usually is: it depends . So that’s going well for you, for sure you were expecting this type of response a little bit, but you were hoping for at least a fork. The truth is that it is very difficult to give a range , in particular it changes according to the sites, according to the age of your site, according to the competitive level of the keywords on which you seek to position yourself.. So it is true that it is very difficult to give an answer.

Between three and six months, your SEO can take off

So we often say that you have to wait three to six months to have the first results , the first increases in positioning. So it’s true that it’s a range that is relatively fair, necessarily where there are sites that don’t necessarily fit into it. So it’s really an average range, three to six months to see changes.

With the right factors, results can be fast

Beyond that I put a few days ago on my Instagram account that you can follow by the way, Matthieu Verne ReferenSEO , a story showing the results that I was able to obtain for the site of one of my clients by doing optimizations on the site last week. And we progressed by 4 pages , we went from the 6th page to the second on a very competitive keyword searched more than 30 thousand times a month. So this is an example that really shows that in some cases if we put the right optimizations in place we can have results relatively quickly.

But here again, the customer being on the second page on a keyword searched 33,000 times a month, it seems to me, it’s in the area of ​​sofas, well he won’t necessarily have a lot of traffic directly because you have to wait for the first page to really get traffic . Few people go beyond the first page. So there it is very well it has increased in one week by 40 positions but we will have to manage to grab the 7-8 positions that are still missing to really arrive on the first page and that is where it is going to be able to take full advantage of the traffic linked to this keyword, and after each position gained on the first page it will perhaps not far from doubling its traffic each time.

Really aim for the top spot

You should know that between the third position is the first position for example on a keyword you double your traffic, so it is very important to really be in the golden triangle already the first three positions, and beyond that on the first position in addition the people who look at your site in first position will not necessarily go to see the competitors in position 2 or 3 whereas if you are third if someone comes to your site you are almost sure that ‘it went on the sites of competitors 1 and 2 before and therefore that means that you are in competition with other service providers in your area. So really it’s a very strong advantage in terms of traffic and in terms of conversion rate to be in first position on a keyword.

So all that to tell you that in terms of time it really depends on thousands of factors and that before working on a site, I myself cannot predict the time it will take. We can have good surprises, we can have bad surprises.

Don’t worry if your SEO takes longer.

I was telling you about an example of a client case where it took a week, the worst case I had was a very patient client, and he was right, it took eight months before his site takes off . So the site had a long history, we are on an even more competitive theme than sofas, so sofas are already not bad, and really it took eight months before it took off. It stayed stable , so it didn’t go down, it did a little bit of a yo-yo but it didn’t really take off. And after eight months it started to make an increasing curveand I’m talking to you about that, it was three or four years ago and it continues to rise. Its traffic I will not be able to tell you but we must be at times a hundred compared to what it was four years ago. And we were already talking about volume. He was not at 100 visits per month, he was already at several thousand even tens of thousands on SEO so there we really reached huge traffic figures in a very competitive domain and so the client did well to wait this eight months.

Start your SEO as early as possible

So all that to tell you that yes generally it’s between 3 and 6 months you will be able to start having keywords in the first position, on the first page, but it can be faster, it can take longer. Now I want to tell you since we don’t know exactly how long it takes, the sooner you start the better it will be so don’t wait any longer, put a strategy in place. What is a strategy? It’s on which keywords you want to be present, so it doesn’t happen by chance, it’s not just a list of keywords that pops out of your head in five minutes, there really are methods to put in place; it is a technically optimized site ,optimized content also in terms of the semantics used and the backlinks to your site to boost your popularity . With these four ingredients and a properly implemented method, you will achieve your goals. So do not hesitate to go and see under the video, there are some links where I propose precisely, I explain to you the accompaniments that I can offer you. There is also a free SEO guide for you to download.