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How to gain followers on Instagram? My 5 tips


Are you new to Instagram, a content expert, a brand or a famous person, and you want to gain Instagram followers ? You are in the right place. Gaining followers on Instagram is a goal for many and requires a mastery of good practices.

However, Instagram’s algorithm today reduces the reach and visibility of posts.

There is no magic solution, but there are techniques and tips for getting more followers and engagement that everyone can apply.

Do you want to gain more followers on your Instagram account ? How to retain your community and make yourself known?

Just follow this strategy to help you in your quest for engagement and visibility for real results.

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Tip 1: Get more followers through a thoughtful Instagram strategy

Using a social network like Instagram takes time and to gain Instagram followers you have to think about strategies and objectives. Here are my different tips to follow so that you can have a quality profile:

Why You Want More Instagram Followers: Increase Your Brand Awareness? Increase sales of your products? Attract followers to go to your website? Being a brand representative and influencer? How much time do you want to set aside for Instagram in your days? What tools to use? What are the statistical indicators and how to calculate the different rates to analyze your evolution? Etc.

Define a clear plan

Analyze the necessary resources, the potential returns as if you were establishing a real influence marketing strategy.

Define your goals

For your Instagram account to please with its consistency and quality content, you must define short, medium and long-term objectives. Indeed, your objectives will allow a justified commitment and therefore of quality .

Know how to analyze the statistics of your Instagram account

Without the analysis and control of indicators, it will be difficult for you to control this social network. It is therefore important to know how to analyze the impact of your publications, to be able to target your community , to know the scope of your publications in order to adapt your strategy on a daily basis for more visibility and subscribers.

Tip 2: Build your Instagram profile on a solid foundation

The basis of a good presence on Instagram is your profile. Indeed, it’s your identity, your business card, the gateway to your world, it’s the window that will make your follower want to “window shop and walk through the door of your shop”.

Have a clear Instagram profile

You must carefully choose your username, your profile picture and make a quality Insta bio by applying yourself to your description. These elements must be clear, attractive and complete if you want to gain followers more easily.

This point is very important. This is also the 2nd step of my Insta Success strategy  to get you  from 0 to 10K subscribers  on Instagram 🚀

Choose a theme

Any instagram account with quality content has its own theme. Indeed, when you create your Instagram profile, you need to define a specific theme that will be the common thread of your publications. It will also allow your followers, your community to be able to identify you at a glance and they will be able to interact with your content more easily.

Create a beautiful Instagram feed

Your feed is the brand image of your Instagram account , it’s your branding . So you have to make it beautiful, pleasant, recognizable and attractive. Your Instagram followers must enjoy watching it, without getting bored.

To do so, it must be harmonious thanks to a graphic charter (colors, lights, tones, etc.) chosen and respected , it must reflect what you want to highlight (clear and complete content), be structured, coherent and beautiful. .

I therefore advise you to define your colors, your filter and your luminosity well and to decline them on each photo in order to have harmonious photos that go together.

Define the image to clear

Your profile must stick to your visual and content strategy to make users of the social network want to subscribe to your instagram account and react to your feed posts or instagram stories, so it is important that you control the image that your profile emerges by putting yourself in the shoes of your future Instagram followers.

A few questions to ask yourself: What should your profile show? What more do you bring to your new Instagram followers? Is your profile clear about your intentions?

Use the “Highlights” and classify them into clear categories

Defining different categories of “top stories”, called highlights, will allow you to easily inform your new followers, their user friends or your subscribers. They will be able to get to know you better, better understand your publications and thus develop a growing interest in your account.