Things to consider before choosing project management software


How effectively do you manage your creative team’s workflow? Sometimes it can be a bit messed up when the number of projects crosses a small number and you may need to redo some projects. A study revealed that only 2.5% of companies successfully complete 100% of their projects. This means that 97.5% of the projects do not achieve their initially set objectives.

Why do projects fail?

Lack of empathy, lack of communication and lack of proper tools are some of the main reasons. The process of completing tasks with your team will decide your productivity.

Over the past few years, project management tools have come a much longer way to get things done. It gives way to a collaborative workflow and brings several benefits to the teams:

Eliminate bottlenecks by making the best use of time

A workflow doesn’t have to be complicated. So keep it simple. And by using the right project management software, it’s easy for them to meet deadlines. According to several creative project managers, there are certain features that they believe are an integral part of a project management software. Let’s take a look at the must-have features of project management software for creatives.

Creative project management: why is it different?

What creativity is for a project manager is very important for the success of your next project. When it comes to creative projects, creative project management is the need to manage your day-to-day projects within a creative team. Managing a project with creative ideas can be difficult if you don’t have the right tool in hand.

Project management software designed with the creative process in mind will have certain features to unleash the complexities of your project. Let’s take a look at them.

Essentials for creative project management software

In every project, regardless of its size, it is necessary to stay up to date to know what is happening on a project. Trustworthy project management software will have the ability to share everything about the process in real time. Professionals are looking for a perfect planning to transform their ideas of the project and hence a good project planning functionality.

While managing a team, you will be able to plan, assign, schedule and delegate new tasks. Each update of the project plan will be visible throughout the life cycle of the project. Creative teams will have something in place to make their lives easier.

Milestones and deliverables

As a project manager, you may have already noticed how creating milestones will decide the progress of your project. Setting clear time limits for all deliverables is critical to the success of your project. Creative project management software should have the ability to set milestones to get things done on time, where you can break big tasks down into smaller ones and set individual milestones. Incorporating milestones will help creative teams keep tabs on deadlines while always staying on top of the schedule.

Agile project management methodology

Over the years, the chaos of business hinders the performance of many professionals. It is necessary to move to an agile project management methodology to do all the things you need to do to control the chaos.

The agile project management methodology is becoming the industry standard for project management. Creative teams have seen their productivity explode by 400% and with less hassle. More and more leading companies need to adopt an Agile software development methodology to successfully eradicate business chaos.

Visual and effective reporting

A project manager’s world has a lot of visualizations of his ongoing project and so he has to keep track of things in spreadsheets. Without tracking and reporting, the exact success of the project cannot be assessed. In reports, there should be a clear look at how to represent all project data.

Creative project reports need to be more visual so that any type of report required can be easily pulled out to leave an impact on the client. In addition, it will allow creative teams to easily understand the necessary information.

Integration with other tools

When project managers want to manage all the work under one roof, you need to integrate all your scattered files, documents, images in one central place and access them from the tool. With project management software, teams should be able to access all files stored across multiple platforms in one place.

Applications mobiles natives

Mobile-optimized project management software is a must for creative teams. With the rapid growth of remote workers and changing technology, the way people work is changing, a native mobile app should always be available. It will help you to have ultimate control over your projects with different features. Native mobile apps are optimized for on-the-go use for project management.