What are the benefits of a VPN?


If you’re looking to learn about the benefits of a VPN, you’ve come to the right place. But let’s start by answering the question: why should you use a VPN? Judging by cybersecurity statistics, we should all care about the dangers posed by the internet . In 2020, we have seen record data loss due to cybersecurity breaches as well as massive cyberattacks targeting businesses, government agencies and infrastructure.

Although a great resource, the internet is plagued by malware, cookies, hackers, government censorship and a high rate of cybercrime. Given these trends, now is more than ever the time to ask yourself a question: how can I protect myself online?

VPNs are an excellent solution for countering or dodging the multiple threats you are likely to encounter online. Whether you care about your security and privacy online or want to enjoy greater freedom online, a VPN can benefit you. This article will tell you the benefits of a quality VPN service .

What are VPNs capable of? A summary of the advantages offered by a VPN.

We want to refute the idea that VPNs are neither secure nor worthwhile. Do a simple Google search and you’ll find phrases like “  are VPNs safe  ” or “  are VPNs bad  ” among the top searches. As long as you use a reliable VPN service , these tools are not only safe, but will even improve your personal security online.

Hide your IP address and bypass geo-restrictions

One of the great things about a VPN is that it changes your IP address . This is a number that is automatically assigned to your network and works the same way as a street address. As websites and authorities can detect your location using your IP address, you may not be able to access certain pages that are blocked by geo-restrictions (geoblocks).

With a VPN, like ExpressVPN or NordVPN , you can bypass these geoblocks . When you connect to a VPN server located in another country, you will be assigned an IP address from that country. This hides your personal IP address and replaces it with a new one.

Hide behind your new international identity, you will be able to browse foreign sites as if you were a resident of this country. You will also avoid leaving a digital fingerprint that could allow your true identity to be traced. Your new IP address is not, however, an invisibility cloak. Although you can enjoy more anonymity during your online activities, you should always check out sites that break the law.

Encrypt your data traffic

A VPN encrypts your data traffic . This prevents hackers and other malicious parties from getting their hands on important data, like your account credentials and financial information. Also, you will be much safer when logging in at a cafe or restaurant.

This is essential, because without proper security measures, the use of public WiFi networks carries many risks. Whether you are self-employed or just like to browse the net in public places, we recommend that you always use a VPN when using the networks available in these places.

Download files securely and anonymously

The advantages of a VPN when downloading from the internetBecause your IP address is masked and your connection encrypted, third parties can no longer accurately identify what you are doing online or who you are. They are unable to see what is being downloaded through the secure VPN connection . For those who work from home and who handle confidential information, this is an undeniable asset. Confidentiality and anonymity are guaranteed or at least greatly reinforced.

Even with a VPN it is essential to keep the golden rules of internet use in mind. Don’t download anything you wouldn’t ordinarily download. Thus, do not click on suspicious links sent via email or attachments, and do not download .exe files (executable files) from its untrustworthy sites.

Bypass government censorship

In countries where the internet is controlled and regulated by the government , such as China, Iran or Eritrea, not all sites are available. This is commonplace in totalitarian regimes, which can limit the information that can be disseminated by the media. This is also why some whistleblowers choose to post or share confidential information on the dark web . This type of censorship can be bypassed , like all other geo-restrictions, by using a VPN. A VPN is therefore a crucial tool in the fight for freedom of the press and expression.

Save money online

Saving money is one of the unsung benefits of a VPN. Depending on the country you are connecting from, online store prices may differ . For example, online purchases may cost more to a user connecting using an English IP address than to someone using an Indian IP.

A VPN connection allows you to connect to VPN servers located around the world . Since you can pretend to be a resident of almost any other country in the world, you can take advantage of the best international rates. In many cases, it can even allow you to find the same plane tickets at better prices. If you want to try this, you can use one of the providers listed in our top 5.

Improve your online gaming experience with better access and stronger security

Since all of your traffic is encrypted when using a VPN, your exact location is concealed. This simple fact can allow you to access certain sites, but also to play online games normally inaccessible in your country of residence . Or games that haven’t been released in your country yet, but are already available in other parts of the world. With a VPN, you no longer have to wait. Just pick a server in the game’s home country and have fun. Another plus is that if you get unfairly kicked out of a server, you can rejoin it using a quick change of IP address .

Finally, VPNs also provide a safer online gaming experience . You will no longer have to fear Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks . The encryption provided by a VPN provides an extra layer of security, making it much harder for bad guys to target you.